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It’s been spooky season for a few weeks now, and Halloween is quickly approaching. But if you didn’t have a chance to get a Halloween costume prepped ahead of time, there’s no need to panic - we’ve got three easy, last-minute Halloween looks (using Babe Lash, of course) that don’t require a costume!



For this angel look, we’re going super glowy and shimmery! Pop on a white blouse or dress to set the stage for this angelic style. 

What You Need:


Since most of us don’t have halos floating around in our closets, we’re going to go kind of conceptual! 

  • Curl or wave your hair a bit for an ethereal vibe.
  • If you can do a halo or milkmaid braid, try making something like that on your hair. 
    • Alternately -  take a section from the front of each side of your face and pull the hair backward, twisting as you go, to create a subtle halo of hair that you will pin at the back of your head. 

Optional: If you have any hair gems or cute pins, you could add that to this hairstyle to add a unique touch.

Angel 2


For this style, we recommend starting with your eyeshadow before applying your foundation and concealer. Of course, before you put on eyeshadow, make sure you have put on your Enhancing Conditioner.

Step 1 - Eyeshadow: 

  • Put on light, shimmery shade of eyeshadow. 

Tip: If the silver tones in ths shimmer feel a little too cool-toned, balance the shadow with a pop of a warm, skin-tone color above your eyelid crease.

Step 2 - Liner:

Step 3 - Lashes: 

  • Use the Volumizing Mascara to complete your eye look.

Optional: Use the Pro Lash Lifter before applying mascara to give your lashes a dramatic boost!

Step 4 - Brows:

Step 5 - The Face:

  • Apply your foundation or CC Cream however you normally would
  • Add a bit of bronzer to your cheekbones and nose to add a warm glow to your skin. 
  • Put on a light-colored, pink shade of blush to your cheeks and the tip of your nose.

Step 6 - The Lips: 

Step 7 - Highlight: 

  • Add a dab of highlight to the highest point of your cheekbones, your nose, cupid’s bow, and even a little dusting on your eyeshadow. 

Pro Tip: If you want to elevate your plumped lips even more, you can put a bit of highlighter on your finger and dab it onto the fullest parts of your lips to make them appear even more glowy!



What’s an angel without a devil to go with it?

No devil horns required (unless you want to get them)! This Halloween costume is easily put together in minutes. If you’re feeling a more classic devil approach, you can wear red, but if you want to go more gothic devil, try it with black.

What You Need:


No devil horns? No problem! Again, we are going conceptual with this look. 

We went a little DIY and made faux horns with some craft wire and a headband to create some arches, and then we wrapped sections of hair around the horns to create a horned effect. 

Not feeling quite so crafty? That’s okay! Put your hair into two high buns at the crown of your head. Bonus points if you can tweak the buns to have more pointed ends for a devilish look!


With this devil style, we are going for kind of a smokey eye with red and gold tones mixed in. it sounds more complicated than it actually is. Don’t sweat it. The aesthetic we’re going for is dark and alluring, with chiseled features.

Devil 2

Step 1 - Condition: 

Step 2 - Eyeshadow: 

Because we’re dealing with dark eyeshadows which can cause fallout on the face, you should start with eyeshadow.

  • Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply your neutral shade from your crease to your eyebrow. This transition shade helps blend the upcoming colors better.
  • Take your red eyeshadow and swipe it into your crease. 
  • Carry that red color above your crease to the lower point of your brow bone.
  • Using a makeup brush, pat a black or charcoal color of eyeshadow onto the outer corner of each eyelid, essentially making a “>” shape on your eyelid. 
  • Blend out the black to soften the effect. 
  • Make a “cut crease” by using a tiny dab of concealer to your eyelid, near your lash line. Blend that out.
  • Take your gold eyeshadow and apply it over the concealer.

Tip: If you still are having a hard time blending out harsh black lines, take the red eyeshadow or the neutral-toned eyeshadow and buff out the harsh edges. 

Step 3 - Eyeliner: 

  • A devil costume needs some drama, so now is the time to use the Enriching Liquid Eyeliner to add a dramatic winged liner. 

Optional: we added a bit of black eyeliner to the waterline of the eyelid for more intensity, but you don’t have to do that!

Step 4 - Lashes:

Pro Tip: Use the Pro Lash Lifter before applying Volumizing Mascara for some added drama. 

If you get any eyelash clumps, try using the Pro Lash Seperator after applying mascara.

Devil 3

Step 5 - Face: 

  • Apply your foundation or CC Cream however you normally would, and then add a bit of bronzer on your cheeks, nose, and jawline, to give a more intense look. 
  • Use a red blush or your red eyeshadow and apply liberally to your cheekbones and the tip of your nose to spread the red tones.
  • If you like, this would be a good time to add some highlighter to your skin as well.

Step 6 - Under-Eye: 

  • Take your red eyeshadow and apply it under your bottom eyelid to enhance the red on your face. 
  • If you want to make it a little more moody, you can add a dark brown or black color to that under-eye area as well.

Step 7 - Brows: 

Apply Volumizing Brow Filler to your eyebrows to give them a quick enhancement.

Step 8: 

Finally, apply the Plumping Lip Jelly in Red Glass to top-off this cute, devilish costume!


Most of what you need for a scarecrow costume is already in your closet and makeup drawer! This one is super cute and easy to do!

What You Need

  • Optional: a hat

  • Hair:

    For a scarecrow look, we are keeping it super simple! Split your hair down the middle, creating two different sections. 

    From here, you can either braid the sections to make two braids or you can put the hair into pigtails.



    With this makeup look, you can go as in-depth or quick as you want!

    Step 1 - Face: 

    • Apply your foundation and concealer or CC Cream as you normally would.
    • Take some bronzer and buff it out onto the hollow of your cheeks and across your nose and forehead for a sunkissed look.
    • Using blush, apply a circular dot of the product to the high point of your cheek for a doll-like finish. Be a little heavy-handed to make sure the spot of color is pronounced.

    Step 2 - Eyeshadow: 

    Depending on the color(s) of your shirt, choose an eyeshadow color that matches it or complements it. Since we’ve got a red shirt, we went for reddish/orangey tones.

    • Apply eyeshadow to the eyelids, making sure to emphasisze the color you’re wearing for a fun pop.
    • Add a swipe of brown to your under-eye area for more emphasis on the eye.
    • IMPORTANT: Put your colored eyeshadow on the tip of your nose and in a square on your forehead.

    Step 3 - Eyeliner: 

    Step 4 - Lashes:

    Tip: If you want to add a bit more emphasis to your lashes, use the Pro Lash Lifter before applying mascara.

    Bonus Tip: If you get any mascara clumps, use the Pro Lash Separator to remove excess mascara for extra definition.

    Step 5 - Brows:

    • Fill in your brows with Volumizing Brow Filler. For this look, be sure to brush the brows upward for a more spiked “soap brow” effect.


  • Take a fine-tipped makeup brush and swipe it across the wand of your brow filler to pick up the pigment. 
  • Use that fine-tipped brush to create faux freckles across the nose and cheeks. The brow filler creates a natural freckle look.
  • SC

    Step 6 - Scarecrow Details:

    • Using the Enriching Liquid Eyeliner again, draw a faux smile line from the corner of your mouth up your cheeks. Add on some horizontal lines on the smile to make stitches. 
    • Don’t forget this part (or else you will look like The Joker rather than a scarecrow). Take the eyeliner and draw along the eyeshadow on your nose to create a patch. Add some stitch lines here as well.
    • Draw a line around the square of eyeshadow you put on your face to create another patch. Again, add stitches as you see fit.
    • Feel free to add little stitch and dot embellishments with the eyeliner as you go.

    Step 7: 

    And that’s it! Three super-easy looks you can put together in minutes for Halloween. If you use any of these ideas or put your Babe Lash to use for Halloween with a different costume, be sure to tag us on Instagram, so we can see! 


    Happy Haunting!
    XOXO - Babe Lash


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