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We’ve been using ‘em for years, but peptides have really been getting a lot of love and attention in the beauty world. Honestly, it’s about time we all got on board and learned about this powerhouse ingredient. Peptides are kind of the secret-weapon of aestheticians and skincare experts, but we’re here to blow the lid on all the secrets of what makes peptides so great.

Peptides make up the proteins that are the building blocks of your skin, including collagen, elastin, and keratin. These all work together to keep your skin bouncy, firm, and smooth. Over time, our bodies aren’t able to produce the same amount of peptides as they once could, but that’s where performance-based cosmetics come in.  

When you apply a peptide-rich product to your skin, it sends lil signals to your cells to start producing collagen to help restore what your body isn’t producing on its own. Think of it as a pep (hehe) rally for your skin!

In Babe products, peptides help nourish the skin, brows, and lashes, preventing dryness and damage from environmental stressors. They also help protect against damage such as drying mascaras, makeup removal, eyelash extensions, and brow treatments.

So what’s the end result with using peptides? Here’s how peptides play in to achieving the results you’re looking for from your fav Babe products:

Enhancing Conditioner

  • This ultra-nourishing and peptide-rich treatment helps promote the appearance of fuller and darker lashes (pairs best with our award-winning Essential Serum)


  • Whether you go for the natural Enriching Mascara or dramatic Volumizing Mascara, both formulas have peptides baked in so you’re coating your lashes in all-day hydration. Perf for swiping on in the AM after your Conditioner dries.

Volumizing Brow Filler

  • Formulated with peptides that promote care to the skin and hair, brush up your brows to make them look fuller in seconds while fortifying them over time.

Enriching Eyeliner

  • Super-black, super-precise, super-nourishing. Formulated to give you a flawless wing and deliver beneficial peptides to the most delicate part of your face.  

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  • • Clare

    Okay but when are you guys going to make a facial serum!? And a facial cleanser and face masks!?!?? 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️ You guys are the best!! Love these informative posts

  • • Jan McNair

    I lost my serum so I only used the conditioner for a while, finally after realizing my lashes really needed the serum because they were full and healthy feeling they definitely were not the length that they once were. Highly recommend both!

  • • Suzanne Mercedes Rutherford

    I purchased the night time one, not knowing there is a day time one. I must say that it is now one week and tonight I will not apply the serum because my eyelids are so red and very dry. Would the daytime one help to remedy the dryness and redness

  • • Sue works

    This stuff really works. I have tried other products with no results. Really happy with this.

  • • Sandra Duran

    Told me I only needed the serum . Now I hear its important to also use the conditioner. Is that why the progress is slowing down ? Do you have a small sample could try ?

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