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Although beauty trends consistently change each year, one thing that has remained consistent is the desire for long and thick eyelashes. We all are seeking eyelash growth in any way we can get it. We’ve tried it all, mascara, falsies, eyelash curlers, lash extensions, lash lifts, you name it, we’ve all done it. Unfortunately, many of those methods damage the lashes. So, what’s the solution to make your lashes look longer and thicker? The answer? Babe Lash’s Serum and Conditioner.

If you’ve seen Babe Lash online, you likely have seen the impressive before and after photos and videos from our customers. For years, people have raved about how incredible Babe Lash’s Serum is, with customers seeing immediate and continuing results.

What many don’t realize is that Babe Lash’s line of performance-based cosmetics doesn’t end with the Serum. We recommend using Babe Lash’s Serum and Conditioner for the maximum “lush and luster” effect for the ultimate eyelash care combination. So, what makes these products so unique, and how do they differ?


Eyelash serums aren’t a new thing. They’ve been around for years but were relatively unknown until about 10 years ago. Even then, they were pretty inaccessible to the general public. Now, that’s not the case. Babe Lash’s Serum has become something of an online icon as more women and men begin to invest in their personal eyelash care. The Serum is formulated to make the lashes look long, curvy, and fluttery.

Using the serum is easy. With a clean face, simply apply a stroke of the Serum along the eyelash line, similar to how you apply eyeliner. Put it on before you go to bed, and that’s it. Plus, one dip of the brush into the serum is enough for both eyes, so you won’t be going through the product too quickly. By doing this every night, you’ll start seeing longer-looking lashes. Once you have your desired effect, simply apply the serum a few times a week to maintain your results.


So, you’ve heard of the Serum, but what makes the Conditioner different? Allow us to explain.

While Serum makes lashes look longer, the Conditioner gives the appearance of thickness and fullness- even without mascara! So, if you’re tired of having wispy and spidery lashes and want to have the appearance of thicker eyelashes, the Conditioner can help.

This product is applied very similar to the serum. Swipe it across your clean lash line as though you were applying eyeliner. But rather than applying it at night, this conditioner is intended for morning use. A single dip of serum is sufficient for both of your eyes with this product, too.

Lush & Luster

Think about washing your hair. Shampoo is a great way of cleaning your scalp and removing excess oils. It serves an essential purpose. Now, think about your conditioner. It helps reintroduce necessary hydration to your locks, smoothing frizz and treating the strands for the future. Shampoo without conditioner means you have clean but dry hair. Conditioner without shampoo makes for hydrated yet oily and dirty hair. When used in tandem, you have clean, hydrated, and silky hair.

Eyelash care is similar. Babe Lash’s Serum makes your eyelashes look longer. The Conditioner makes them look thicker. Used together, they give a longer and thicker effect.

It’s the most effortless self-care routine you’ll add this year. A swipe of Serum at night and a swipe of Conditioner in the morning will have you looking and feeling your best with minimal effort. Plus, it helps you cut back on the amount of time you usually would spend putting on multiple mascara coats or painstakingly applying false eyelashes in the morning.

Babe Lash sells these two game-changing products in a kit called the Lush & Luster Kit for ultimate convenience. You can get these two revolutionary eyelash cosmetic serums at a more affordable price than you would if you purchased them separately. Plus, overall, Babe Lash’s premium products are more cost-effective than any other eyelash serum that yields the same result.

Performance-Based Cosmetics

The eyelash Serum and Conditioner are a part of Babe Lash’s line of high-quality, performance-based cosmetics. Made with premium ingredients geared toward improving the longevity of your eyelashes, Babe Lash’s Serum and Conditioner give you a cosmetic boost while also boosting your long-term eyelash care.

With anti-aging ingredients like peptides, biotin, and hyaluronic acid, it’s like applying anti-aging cosmetics, but it’s a way of having healthy eyelashes now and in the future. A performance-based cosmetic is an investment in your future self. You’ll thank yourself later!

Learn more about performance-based cosmetics here.
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