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Life’s too short to have bad eyebrows. It’s also too short to spend a ton of time filling in your eyebrows. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for both - Volumizing Brow Filler.

You may have tried brow fillers before, but we promise you’ve never tried one quite like THIS. Not all brow fillers are made equal, and we made sure ours has the *it* factor to give you the best brows of your life, every single day.

We think the Babe Volumizing Brow Filler is the best eyebrow filler out there. But we’ll let you be the judge of that. 

What is Eyebrow Filler?

Basically, brow filler is a kind of eyebrow makeup that uses either a gel, cream, pencil, or wax-like substance to apply color to the eyebrows, usually to make them appear fuller, bolder, or more uniform. We use a creamy, pigmented gel in the Volumizing Brow Filler, so you get the best of both worlds.

There’s so many different types of brow filler to find your perfect match. We’re all about enhancing what you’ve already got, so our Brow Filler has a flexible, buildable formula that adds color, volume, and holds your brows in place. Perfect for those no-makeup-makeup days, or the final touch on a glam face for a night out. 

Here’s the real kicker: The Volumizing Brow Filler is one of the rare few brow fillers that use fibers to add pigment to the eyebrow area. A fiber brow filler has tiny fibrous particles which work perfectly to bond to the brow hairs, giving a thicker, more volumized, and textured look! You get immediate results that add color, volume, definition and tame some of your more stubborn hairs. Perfection in a bottle.

Let’s Talk Ingredients

Okay, we took you through the basics, but now we’re going to take you into the bottle to see what makes this product an absolute 5-star.


Biotin has taken the spotlight as a must-have for anyone who wants to nurture their hair. Some people take biotin as a dietary supplement, but we like to use it in our Volumizing Brow Filler as a way of double-dipping with our skincare and makeup. 

Here’s the scoop: Biotin moisturizes and smooths the hair and skin for healthier locks. In creamy substances (like brow filler), biotin gives the cream a silky texture while adding body and shine to the hair.


Peptides are the building blocks of proteins. And not just any proteins, but the ones that stimulate keratin, elastin, and collagen (all of which are AMAZING for your hair). It is a super nutrient that cares for the skin and hair. Def a must-have in your brow products.


Panthenol is a skin-and-hair-softening lubricant. It works to improve the texture of damaged hair and enhances its appearance, giving it more body and shine. It’s gentle and leaves the treated area looking and feeling fab.

Why Do the Ingredients Matter?

In our not-so-humble opinion, we think makeup and skincare should coexist to help you look and feel your best - with and without makeup.

So, when we say our Volumizing Brow Filler is made with performance-based ingredients, that means that not only are you getting cosmetic benefits now, you’re going to get those perks later, too! Complete nourishment of the eyebrows, with and without makeup. 

How to Use Brow Filler

Using the Volumizing Brow Filler is easy. In fact, it’s the easiest way to apply eyebrow makeup to your arches! We’re talking about your brows literally being done in a matter of seconds.

Using short strokes, start the application at the inner edge of your eyebrow and continue applying it down the natural length of your eyebrow. For added fullness, brush product against the direction of growth and then smooth hairs back in place with a second coat.

And that’s it. Pretty easy, right? Like we said, bomb brows in seconds!

A Beauty Bag Must-Have

This product is the ultimate must-have addition to any makeup bag. It’s perfect for anyone on the go (and those who aren’t as well). We’re certain you’re going to love how quickly your eyebrows can look filled in and volumized. You deserve a product that helps you feel most like yourself, and we think this will do exactly that.



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    Great tips. I bought the serum and it’s amazing. Now that I have these good tips I’m sure it will work even better.

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    I love the lash serum and have thought about dabbling in the brow serum. This article gave me all the extra info I needed to convince me! It will be on my next order

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