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Be On-Trend Without the Commitment

Thanks to social media, style trends change in the blink of an eye. But what does that have to do with your eyebrows? Well, anyone who lived through the 90s and early 2000s knows that overplucking can lead to years of trouble regrowing them to match the current full-brow look.

So, what can you do to make your brows look full and voluminous without spending extensive amounts of time or money?

Our solution? Brow Serum. Y’all already love the way the Essential Serum enhances your eyelashes, and the Brow Serum can do the same thing for your eyebrows!

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to nourish your eyebrows for a fuller and bolder look. Simply use this product to match the current brow look, and if you decide it’s not for you, just discontinue use, and your brows will eventually go back to normal. It’s fast, easy, affordable, and it works!

Brow Comparison

Comparing Brow Treatments

So, why should you use Brow Serum instead of a different brow treatment? 

Brow Serum

Brow Serum is an easy once-a-day treatment that gives your brows a natural, aesthetic boost for a fuller, fluffier look. Its function resembles that of the Babe Lash Essential Serum and Enhancing Conditioner.

Pros of Brow Serum: 

  • Apply once daily (at night)
  • Hydrates and nourishes the brows and surrounding skin
  • Get a natural look - it’s your brows, but better
  • Works in conjunction with other brow treatments
    • Use it with a brow tint, brow lamination, Volumizing Brow Filler, etc.
  • Affordable, compared to expensive treatments like microblading, lamination, and tattooing
  • Gives you the flexibility of quickly changing your look to match current trends
  • Your brows look great with and without makeup
  • Easy to use


Cons of Brow Serum:

  • It’s not permanent
    • When you stop using the Brow Serum, your brows eventually return to their original look
  • It takes time and consistency
    • Results aren’t instantaneous
    • Trust the process
  • You may still want to use brow filler to complete your style

Okay, we admit it, there aren’t many (or really any) cons to using Brow Serum. It gives you the flexibility to change your look as needed - including going back to your original brow look. As for the product requiring consistency, that’s how all beauty and skincare regimens work, so it’s a familiar concept. And using a Brow Filler? It’s not necessary to use, but if you do, your brows are going to look even better. Win-win!


Volumizing Brow Filler

Fast and easy to use, brow fillers are a great way to elevate your look quickly. The Volumizing Brow Filler is similar to many other brow fillers on the market. However, with the addition of performance-based ingredients like biotin and peptides, your brows will look and feel their best, even after you take off your Brow Filler at the end of the day.Brow Filler

Pros of Brow Filler:

  • Pairs perfectly with Brow Serum!
  • Choose a shade to match your style
  • Create a natural, full look
  • Easy to use
  • Hydrates and nourishes your brows
  • Instant cosmetic boost
  • Super affordable

Cons of Brow Filler

  • Not a permanent solution
  • It’s a cosmetic, so you lose the look when you aren’t wearing makeup


Microblading has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Nowadays, you can expect most salons and spas to offer some variety of this (nearly) permanent cosmetic treatment. But unfortunately, the reviews of microbladed results are mixed, with many loving their look and others regretting their decision.

Pros of Microblading:

  • Long-lasting results
    • It lasts for at least a year and often lasts longer than that
  • Shortens your makeup routine
    • Spend less time drawing on your eyebrows each morning
  • Looks good with and without makeup
  • Gives a natural look (when done correctly)

Cons of Microblading:

  • It’s expensive
    • The average cost is $600 
    • It can be as much as $2,000 in some cities
    • You may need to pay for touch-up appointments
  • Results can vary
    • Some brow stylists are amazing
    • Some brow stylists give mediocre results
  • Touch-ups are common and often necessary
    • You may need some touch-ups to keep the style
  • It’s permanent
    • Although most people classify microblading as semi-permanent, it still is a form of tattoo you are putting on your face
    • If you don’t like your results, it’s not easy to get rid of
    • Usually heals within 12-18 months
  • Can cause infections or severe allergic reactions
    • Like all tattoos, microbladed skin can get infected when done incorrectly
    • Some people are allergic to microblading ink, which can cause severe irritation

Brow Tinting
Brow Tinting

Brow tinting is often offered as an add-on service during waxing or threading appointments, although it can be booked as its own service. Most salons and spas offer this quick, straightforward service.

Pros of Brow Tinting: 

  • It gives the illusion that your brows are more full by adding color
  • Eliminates or reduces the time needed to fill in brows with brow filler
  • Typically an affordable service
    • Average of $20 for brow tinting
    • It can be as low as $10 or as high as $75

Cons of Brow Tinting: 

  • Not a permanent solution
    • Requires upkeep every 3-8 weeks
  • Brow tints can look too dark for the first couple of weeks   


Brow lamination is a more recent addition to the popular brow care lineup. Think of it as an eyebrow perm. The act of brow lamination straightens and fluffs the brows vertically for a fuller brow look.

Pros of Brow Lamination:

  • Helps the browline appear fuller and thicker
  • It lasts for a few months
    • Minimal upkeep between sessions
  • Shortens your daily makeup routine
  • Works for thick, curly, thin, or straight eyebrows

Cons of Brow Lamination: 

  • Can be expensive
    • Brow lamination ranges from $50-100 or more per session
  • Creates one specific brow look
  • Requires touch-up appointments

Which is Right for You?

Each brow treatment has pros and cons, and some treatments appeal more or less to each person. There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s just about doing what is right for you.

Since microblading is the most permanent (and expensive) of these treatments, it requires a lot of careful consideration. However, a distinct benefit of the other brow treatments, Brow Serum, Brow Filler, tinting, and lamination, is that their impermanence allows you to experiment and try new things to find a solution that suits you and your lifestyle. 

So, which of these brow treatments seems right for you? Tell us in the comments which treatment you would try first!

Whether you try one or all of these treatments is completely up to you and what you find to be right for your beauty needs. But here’s something we know for certain - the new Babe Brow Serum works (just like the Essential Serum), AND you can use the Brow Serum alongside any of the aforementioned treatments to give your brows the extra boost they need.

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  • • Kelsey

    I’m loving the Babe Lash Lash serum!! Been using it on my Lashes and brows and definitely have noticed a difference. Quicker with the Lashes but my brows are starting to grow back in places that haven’t in over a year. Very excited 😊

  • • Amanda

    Already loving the eyelash serum. Can’t wait to try this one as well. Unfortunately, as we age, our hair doesn’t have the VAVOOM that we did in our 20s.

  • • Lilija Roga

    Can’t wait to try it, have a problem with my brows a long time already 🤩

  • • Kennedy

    So helpful, I love learning and hearing how others use serums to grow their lashes or eyebrows, going to try this out probably!

  • • ashlyn wood

    Your Lash Serum works very well! it makes my lashes grow so much longer!

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