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Knowing what kind of mascara to use is a constant struggle for modern babes - there are SO many to choose from. But one of the most underrated elements on whether you will love or hate a mascara comes down to the mascara wand!

So, we’re sharing some industry knowledge so you have everything you need to know about mascara wands. To start, there are two ways to approach mascara wands - by purpose or eyelash type. Let’s dive into both!

Most Common Mascara Brushes

Precision Wands

  • Thin mascara brush 
  • Super-precise
  • Get close to your lash line

Volumizing Wands

  • Cone-shaped, jumbo-sized, or hourglass-shaped
  • Holds lots of product and adds mega-volume to the lash base
  • As seen on Volumizing Mascara

Lengthening Wands

  • Curved shape
  • Precise coverage of the product from root to tip
  • Curve aids in curling and lifting for a lengthened effect
  • As seen on Enriching Mascara 

Eyelash Types

Are your lashes curvy or straight? Thick or sparse? Long or short? Using a mascara wand suited to your eyelash type could make the difference between loving it or not!

Curly, Dense Lashes

  • Use a large mascara brush
  • The large bristles apply more mascara to your thick lash line
  • Try a cone-shaped or curved brush for optimal application

Short, Fine Lashes

  • Use a thin, fine-toothed mascara brush to get close to your lash line
  • A curved applicator can add curl and flare for a cat-eye effect
  • Want to enhance your lashes even more? Try using a Lash Serum!

Sparse Lashes

Remember - it’s not just the brush, and it’s not just the formulation; it’s finding the perfect combo that’s just right for you that can make or break a mascara! Do you have a fav wand type or shape that isn’t listed here? Drop it down below!

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  • • Patricia

    Your blogs really help, I never knew that there was a difference in the types of mascara wands! I always thought it was the type of mascara that made the difference. No wonder I never get the results I was looking for! I have fine lashes on the shorter side. Thank you for teaching me the difference ❤️babelash!!!!

  • • Stacy

    I have shorter fine lashes and use like a curved lengthening wand.

  • • Bonnie Lee

    I have naturally white blond lashes, I use a mascara with a precision wand. I can’t even see some of my lashes until the mascara darkens them!

  • • Mon Jon

    I love all of babelash products ingredients and benefits that my lashes receive. I would love to try the whole line out especially the amazing formulated mascaras. I currently use clear mascara and brow gel.

  • • Taylor


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