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As you may know, Babe Lash is celebrating self-care summer! During this month, we are encouraging all of you babes to take time to rest, relax, and make time for the things that make you feel your best emotionally and physically. Recently, a few members of the Babe Lash team shared their personal thoughts on self-care, and this week, we’re getting some self-care inspo from four Babe Lash brand ambassadors! Each of these women comes from a different background and career. They all have different hobbies and personalities. And they all have different ideas of how to pamper themselves, so they feel their best.

We hope these amazing women inspire you to invest time and energy into yourself. After all, you deserve some you-time!


Ariana Golchin

“The prevalence of poor self-care and neglecting one’s needs is very common, especially among those working within the healthcare profession. There is often a strong sense of guilt associated with taking time for ourselves because others are relying on us during their most difficult and vulnerable times. Society has programmed us to strive for excellence on repeat, even if that means compromising our own physical and emotional wellbeing. We reach a point where we may believe we are taking care of ourselves and implementing self-care practices when in reality, we are barely meeting basic needs that help us function and stay alive. I see individuals (and have been guilty of this myself at times) making excuses and feeling the need to justify why they “deserve” or have “earned” time for self-care.

“For me, self-care means making an effort to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, although this is not always possible with a demanding and unexpected work schedule that requires flexibility. It is important to do my best to stay connected to my support team, even if that means having just the shortest conversation, FaceTime, or text each day or every few days to express my love for them and also to be able to receive that. A huge foundation of my self-care is taking care of and prioritizing my mental health and making sure I am in a good headspace to be able to care for and serve the patient population that I do. For many out there, that is going to look very different and there is NO wrong way to address or take care of your needs. 

“Fitness is very important to me and keeps me feeling strong, focused, and empowered from both a physical and mental standpoint. As a CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer, and an avid member of the CrossFit community - I made a commitment with myself to ensure I work out 5 times per week, no matter the circumstances.”

“Self-care is taking the time to take care of my skin each day and protect it - and a few of my favorite BabeLash products that have truly given me so much more confidence are their daily serums. My lashes have never felt or looked healthier. I am so grateful to stand with an amazing, supportive company that empowers women! Always remember to take care of yourself and make your needs a priority even when it is hard. Self-care is more than an eye patch, a Netflix series, a bite of chocolate, or a quick nap. It is putting in the work and truly listening to our bodies' physical and emotional needs and then addressing them one by one. It may not always be pretty or easy, but in the long run, it is the road to helping us become the best versions of ourselves we can be.”


Sabrina Wright

"I think there are 2 types of self-care. First, is the obvious, which is taking time for yourself to relax with bubble baths, face masks, trying new workout routines, getting extra sleep, staying consistent with skincare, eating healthy foods/or having a cheat day, etc. In my opinion, these are all special ways to “treat yourself” and to make yourself feel better in the moment. 

The second type of self-care is more about your mental wellness and less about your physical sprees, which I think is even more special. These can take a little more time, but in the end, it takes your self-care to a whole new level. Ways to fulfill this type of self-care are to do daily affirmations, meditate, and live in the moment. Practice breathing exercises, write and make mental gratitude lists, forgive yourself for past mistakes, be your own best friend, and set goals and promises to yourself, and then finish them. It’s healthy to have both types of self-care, but not one or the other. I hope you can take these examples of my self-care routines and build your health, mind, and body to reach a new perspective."


Kristen Bousquet

“As someone who is mildly (okay, severely) obsessed with beauty products, my routine changes A LOT, but there are quite a few products that have withstood the elimination process as I discover new things I want to try — here's the lowdown.

“I'm someone who has struggled with acne for a looooooong time. It is improving quite a bit as I get older, but in order to keep the breakouts at bay, I've been loyal AF to Curology. They've done WONDERS to minimize and almost completely eradicate my acne. In the morning, I use their general cleanser and moisturizer, and at night, I use those two products along with their treatment step that is customized for each person.


“Also, in the morning, I use the Drunk Elephant Protini Powerpeptide Resurf Serum to help with any post-acne dark spots or uneven texture. It's worked wonders and features a ton of clean ingredients which I love. Morning and night, I usually also pop on some of the Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil Blend onto anywhere that I'm either dry or inflamed. My skin has truly never been so glowy! Then, I usually pop on some of the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty to help with dark circles but also to leave my undereye area hydrated and looking super healthy.

“About twice a week, I use the Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask because a) it smells like chocolate and b) it provides my skin with antioxidants and keeps it smooth and happy.

“I wouldn’t be here unless I was a HUGE Babe Lash fan, so of COURSE, I wanted to share how I use my two favorite products: The Essential Serum and the Enhancing Conditioner. Each morning, I dip into my Conditioner and use that to line both my right and left lash line. Then, before bed, I do the same with the Essential Serum. I've been using both for about 1.5 years and my esthetician always tells me I have the longest, healthiest lashes she's EVER seen!!”


Laura Burtis

“Hi! I'm Laura, aka Daisy!”

“Self-care to me is so much more than just the beauty products we use or skincare routines that we all do (although, dang, those are good, too 😊). But as a mama to 2 littles, a wife, a homemaker with a full-time gig on top of all of that - it's important for me to prioritize time for just ME. 

“That usually looks like: sleeping in (I LOVE sleep & honestly thrive on 8-10 hours a night, although that doesn't happen as often as I wish it would!). Doing a puzzle. I know, I know - Grandma Daisy - but it is seriously so therapeutic for me to just focus on the puzzle and turn all of the other 3,567 things that are going on in my brain! Or just taking a long, hot bath with a glass of red wine. 

“These all seem so simple - but sometimes - we forget that we need to prioritize ourselves and just a simple bath or extra hour of sleep is all we need! (Oh and a little Babe Lash, of course 😉).

Self-Care Can Be Simple

As you’ve seen from the inspiring women above, self-care is personal and unique to each one of us. Your self-care routine can be as simple as doing a puzzle, taking a bath, and having a glass of wine, like Laura. Or your routine can be full of strength-building activities, like Ariana’s routine. Maybe you want to be a beauty and skincare lover, like Kristen. And if you’re wanting to try introspection, gratitude, and meditation, you can try a routine like Sabrina’s. Maybe none of these routines are for you - or maybe ALL of these routines are for you, and that’s totally fine. Self-care is about doing what’s right for yourself, so you do you, boo!

We’re curious to know - which of these routines resinated with you most? Are there any aspects you’re looking to add to your self-care game? Tell us in the comments! We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our amazing Babe Lash brand ambassadors, Ariana, Laura, Kristen, and Sabrina. Be sure to follow these amazing ladies on their Instagram accounts (and follow Babe Lash on Instagram, if you aren’t yet).


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    I follow some of these ladies on social! Thanks for featuring them and their routines. I love discovering new ways to take care of myself so I can be more effective and efficient in the other areas in my life.

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