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A Tour of Our In-House Manufacturing

There’s a lot that makes Babe Lash magical: our company culture, performance-based cosmetics, award-winning lash and brow treatments - sorry, are we bragging? But, honestly, we’re just really proud. We’re particularly proud of our ability to make all of the Babe Lash products you love in-house!

What Should Our Customers Know About the Process?

Our production team is passionate about the products they make and what they do, and you can see that as an end result.

“Know that every product we produce, we take our time and make sure it is perfect before it goes out to our customers,” said Byron Guevara, Production Manager. “We believe in the product. It makes a difference to work somewhere that you feel you’re making a difference.”


Where Does the Magic Happen?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite Babe Lash products make it to your front door? You can thank our amazing production team for that. Our products are filled, packaged, and shipped from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, by a team of 15-30 employees.

Here’s a flex: we own 100% of our production process. That means as soon as we receive our inventory, our team gets to work on our complete production line - from filling components in our cleanroom (a fancy term for filling product into our bottles) all the way to final packaging, putting everything on pallets, and getting it sent to your home. Every step of the process is handled by a member of the Babe Lash team.

Every component is checked when it arrives at our facility, and is inspected for quality through the entire process, and has a final quality assurance check before getting shipped out. And because we hate waiting for packages as much as you do, we work with a shipping partner in Fort Worth, Texas, who provides fast, nationwide shipping.

How Busy is Babe Lash?

Now that we’ve talked up our process, it’s probably easy to assume that our team is busy year-round. While that is true, the team is definitely at their busiest when the holidays hit. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas - you name it. Our team is always hard at work to make sure you get your products on time!

Jessica Castro, our Director of Manufacturing, explained, “Those months are the busiest we ever get, so we try to keep everyone motivated with tons of perks, like team outings, gifts, events, and more.”

The team believes in the motto “work hard, play hard.” Babe Lash is made of small teams with big dreams, and we’re committed to rewarding ourselves, uplifting our teammates, and putting our best foot forward. That starts by making time to have fun and relax during downtime.


What is the Vibe with the Production Team?

Our production team is made up of a group of creative and diverse individuals who love to have fun in and out of work. Jessica and Byron have seen their team’s creativity in action and always try to find ways to incorporate fun into work.

Their team is known for going all out for company competitions - their handmade Dia de Los Muertos decor won our Halloween decorating contest last year, and people asked to buy the decorations from them, too. All in favor of Babe Decor 2022?

Production’s Product Picks

We wanted to know from the people who work the most with the product: what’s your ride-or-die, absolute favorite product? Overwhelmingly, the Enriching Liquid Eyeliner got the most love.

“People need to try the eyeliner if they haven’t already!” said Jessica. “It’s such a good eyeliner! It’s got such a fine brush, and the pigment is perfect. It’s hard to take off, which is a good thing - it’s not going to smear. I’ve tried a lot of eyeliners, and nothing compares to this one - it’s my favorite!”

Byron explained that he and others on the team love using the Brow Serum on their eyebrows. A lot of the team members are excited and hopeful about getting an official Beard Serum and some hair care products someday. What do you think? Should we do it?


Looking to the Future

With all of the growth Babe Lash has seen over the past year and the upcoming changes, the production team is getting even more excited for the future. 

“We are really excited about the growth that is coming,” Jessica said. “We are so excited to see the things we do in the coming year. We got to see a sneak peek of some of the upcoming products, and we are looking forward to seeing it come out and see what the response is from our customers! I think they’re going to like it!”


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    I love how you guys are explaining the background of the company and what it means to be transparent in this industry.

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    I’m so excited to see my results! Babe lash customer service is amazing. They care so much ❤️

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    I always love seeing the behind the scenes !

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