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Babe Lash Treatments

The Babe Lash treatments include Enhancing Conditioner, Essential Serum, and Brow Serum. Because of their unique formulations and benefits, we want to make sure you know the best methods of application, so you can make the most of each product.

Enhancing Conditioner

Enhancing Conditioner 

  • Helps lashes appear thicker and darker
  • Silver bottle

When to Apply:

  • Apply in the morning
  • Re-dip the wand when applying to both eyes

Essential Serum 

  • For longer-looking lashes
  • Gold bottle
  • The Essential Serum is the more powerful treatment in the eyelash product lineup.

When to Apply:

  • Apply at night
  • One dip of the wand is enough for both eyes

Brow Serum 

  • NEW product!
  • Helps eyebrows appear more full and bold
  • Rose gold bottle

When to Apply:

  • Apply at night to clean brows
  • Re-dip the wand for each eyebrow


Best Practices

The Brow Serum, Lash Serum, and Lash Conditioner each have some unique tips of their own, but there are some best practices to follow when using either product, including:

  • Apply to Clean, Dry Skin
  • Allow the Product to Dry
  • Be Consistent in Application
  • Give it Time
  • Apply Lash Treatments Like Eyeliner, Not Mascara

Apply to Clean, Dry Skin

Babe Lash’s treatment-style products are best used on clean, dry skin. Your face should be free from makeup and makeup remover residue, as that could reduce the efficacy of your Babe Lash treatment. After you’ve put on your Babe Lash products on your eyelids and brows, give it time to dry and set before putting on your other beauty products.

Using it with dry skin is also essential. When your skin is damp, serum-type products can further penetrate the skin. In the case of some skincare products, like hyaluronic acid, that’s a good thing. But with other skincare products like retinol, or in this case, the Babe Lash Essential Serum, Enhancing Conditioner, or Brow Serum, that deeper skin penetration can irritate those with more sensitive skin. So for that reason, we recommend using it on dry skin.

Best Practices

Allow the Product to Dry

A common mistake is not allowing the product to dry fully. Before sleeping, applying face creams or makeup, ensure that you’ve let the Babe Lash treatment have a few minutes to dry and absorb into the hair and skin. This will prevent it from rubbing off on your pillowcase or smearing into other parts of your face or eyes while applying your skincare products. 

Be Consistent in Application

When it comes to Babe Lash, consistency is key! Get into the habit of putting on the Serum and Conditioner on a regular schedule. We always suggest pairing the routine with brushing your teeth morning and night. You’ll put on the silver bottle of Enhancing Conditioner in the morning and the gold bottle of Essential Serum at night, and if you are consistently putting on products each day, you’ll start seeing results (sometimes in as little as 4 weeks!).

Give it Time

Although results vary from person to person, we recommend waiting at least 12 weeks before assessing your results. If you aren’t consistently applying the product and giving it time to see results, you could be disappointed.

On the upside, Babe Lash has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you haven’t gotten the results you expected by that time, we’ll take care of it. Just remember, you need to give it time and be consistent. Trust the process!

And an added bonus - once you reach your desired look, you can reduce your Babe Lash application to a few times a week, rather than every day! So, your second bottle of Babe Lash will last you a little longer than your first one!

Give It Time

Apply Lash Treatments Like Eyeliner, Not Mascara

A common mistake we see is people applying a lash treatment like Essential Serum or Enhancing Conditioner like a mascara, instead of like an eyeliner.

All you need to do is swipe a line of Serum or Conditioner across your lash line, as you would when putting on eyeliner. No need to painstakingly slather your eyelashes in Serum - it will just make you go through the product faster, without getting faster results. Plus, you are less likely to accidentally drip in your eye when you put a thin line on your eyelid, rather than putting it all over your eyelashes. You’ll thank us later.

Application Hacks

Looking to commit to your best lashes and brows? Here are some hacks our customers have taught us! If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments and we may just add them to this blog post!

  • Switch Which Eye You Apply to First
  • Pay Attention to Your Sleeping Habits
  • Ease Into It
  • Create a Lash Barrier

    Switch Which Eye You Apply to First

    Generally speaking, most right-handed people will naturally gravitate towards first putting products on the right side of their face and then moving to the left side. Lefties usually do the opposite.

    Normally, something trivial like that is no big deal, but if you always put your Serum on your right eyelid first, you could potentially notice those lashes looking longer than the left eye.

    Why? Well, one dip of the Essential Serum wand is enough product for both eyes. So, whichever eye you start with will get slightly more serum than the second eye. For that reason, many of our customers say you should switch which eye you apply the Serum and Conditioner to first. 


    Pay Attention to Your Sleeping Habits

    Unless you are one of those rare, unicorn-like individuals that can always sleep perfectly centered on your back, you probably are a side-sleeper, likely sleeping on one side more or less than the other. For example, if you always sleep on your left side, you may notice that your left eyelashes are more squished or prone to damage than the other side. 

    The avid lovers of Babe Lash have recommended making a conscious effort to switch which side you sleep on each night to avoid accidentally damaging your lashes. It may sound crazy, but people say it’s a game-changer.

    Ease Into It

    Irritation is rare when using Babe Lash, but typically, if irritation occurs, it is due to improper application. Here are a few important pointers:

    • Wipe off excess product
      • Seriously, a little goes a long way.
    • Don’t apply a product more than once a day.
      • You won’t get faster results and could irritate your skin from excess product usage.
    • Avoid getting the product in your eyes.
      • Getting anything in your eye hurts; the same is true with Babe Lash’s Serum & Conditioner.
    • Space-out usage in the beginning
      • When using any kind of new product, it’s best to introduce it slowly. Start by putting on Babe Lash every other day for the first week or two before you begin to apply it daily.
    Create a Barrier

    Create a Lash Barrier

    This one goes against a lot of what we’ve said before, but a customer-recommended tip that is gaining traction is the idea of creating a lash barrier between your lashes and the Serum/Conditioner - typically by applying a lash primer, lash mask, or even mascara. 

    All you do is put on your primer, mask, or mascara before applying your Babe Lash treatment. We have multiple customers and affiliates who swear by this tip, saying it helps treat your lashes while minimizing the potential for irritation. This is a popular tip for those who choose to only use the Essential Serum, and like to put it on in the morning, instead of at night.

    Do you have any questions about Babe Lash’s product lineup and how to get the best possible application? Leave us a question below, and we will be sure to answer!



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    • • Robin Carrabotta-Waugh

      BABE LASH FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!

    • • Lucy Huerta

      I purchased over two months the serum and conditioner from the babe Lashes website.
      After being using every day both as recommended I don’t see much changes, the left one got a little bit longer but the right one no changes. Very sad and disappointed.

    • • Cindy Jergan

      I have recently gone through 24 weeks of chemotherapy, with a month break in between the 12-week cycles. I lost every bit of hair on my body, head and face, including brows and lashes. I didn’t want to waste the product based on this so I didn’t use it during the first cycle. During my month off, my hair started coming back and brows and lashes too. I started applying the serum at night. I’m happy to say that through this second round, despite losing all of my hair again, my lashes are still there and looking longer and thicker!!! Very happy with this product.

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