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Fun fact: Babe Lash has three unique tools (and we are planning on making more in the future)! 

Our professional line of tools includes:

  • Pro Lash Lifter
  • Pro Lash Separator
  • Pro Tweezers

Since the Pro Tools are newer to Babe Lash’s product lineup, we wanted to give you the 411 on how to use each tool to quickly elevate your look, accentuating your amazing lashes and brows.

Pro Lash Lifter

The Pro Lash Lifter is Babe Lash’s eyelash curler. It helps curl your already impressive lashes (thanks, Serum and Conditioner) to make them stay lifted all day long. 

Even if you don’t typically curl your lashes every day, this tool is perfect for keeping in your makeup bag on those days where you wake up and find that your lashes just aren’t cooperating. Using the lash lifter can help ensure that your lashes look fab, whether it’s a good or bad lash day.

How is the Pro Lash Lifter Different from Other Lash Curlers?

So, why should you try the Pro Lash Lifter? What makes it different from that old lash curler you have at the back of your makeup drawer? 

In one word: quality.

There are many things in life where it probably doesn’t make a huge difference whether you use the high-end version or the generic - eyelash curlers are not one of them.

Many low-quality eyelash curlers are poorly designed and don’t reach all of the lashes, or pinch your eyelid, or can even tear out your eyelashes. On the other hand, the Pro Lash Lifter has an ergonomic shape that evenly lifts all of the lashes on your lash line. No lash left behind! It looks good, feels good, and it works. 

How to Use the Pro Lash Lifter

Looking down, grip the base of the lashes with the eyelash curler. While slowly creating an angle, squeeze the lashes approximately three times, moving from the base towards the tip. For a natural look, decrease pressure towards the tips.

Lash Lifter Dos and Don’ts



Do clean it before and after use

Don’t put mascara on before curling

Do curl down the length of your lashes

Don’t pull at your lashes

Do gently squeeze the lashes, don’t clamp it

Don’t pinch your eyelid

Do replace the silicone liner every six months

Don’t use an old/damaged lash curler


Pro Lash Separator

Allow us to introduce you to the Pro Lash Separator! This tool is a little unique and is something you probably don’t have in your makeup bag already - but after this, you’ll totally want to have one.

As the name suggests, this tool helps to separate your eyelashes after you apply your mascara.

You know how sometimes, when you put on mascara, it can get a little thick or clumpy on your eyelashes? The Pro Lash Separator is a fine-toothed metal comb specially designed to separate and lift your lashes after putting on your mascara. 

No more clumps. No more using an old, hard-to-clean spoolie brush or a dangerous safety pin ( Millenials know what we’re talking about) to separate your lashes. Instead, it’s a fast, easy way to ensure that you always have a good lash day. 

How to Use the Pro Lash Separator

Use immediately after mascara application while the mascara is still wet. Place comb near the base of your lashes and gently wiggle into the lash line. Then, carefully comb lashes, moving up, out, and away from eyes. If applying more than one coat of mascara, wipe off excess product from the Pro Lash Separator and then comb lashes in the same manner after each additional application.

Lash Separator Dos and Don’ts



Do clean it before and after use

Don’t use it after mascara has dried

Do use it immediately after applying mascara

Don’t use it before applying mascara

Pro Tweezers

It probably is safe to assume that most of us are pretty well acquainted with tweezers, but we’d like to show off the Pro Tweezers because they’re a total step-up from the old drugstore tweezers you’ve had for 10 years.

The Babe Lash Pro Tweezers are a great tool to use after you’ve started seeing results from your Brow Serum and want to precisely groom your eyebrows.

The professionals recommend using slanted tip tweezers since they are helpful to avoid breakage when removing hair. That means you get a higher chance of success at pulling the root rather than breaking off the hair (which you want to avoid since that can cause ingrown hairs).

The Pro Tweezers have the slanted tip we were just gushing about, a precise grip, and as a bonus, it’s a pretty cute color, too.

How to Use the Pro Tweezers

Prepare hair for removal by using a warm washcloth to open pores. Hold near the middle of the tweezers for best control. Grasp tweezers near the base of the hair and pull smoothly in the direction of hair growth.

Tweezer Dos and Don’ts



Do open your pores with warm water

Don’t pluck hairs above your eyebrow

Do whatever brow look that makes you happy

Don’t forget to clean your tweezers

And that’s it! Three easy-to-use tools you’ll want to add to your makeup bag. They are perfect to get for yourself or to gift to a friend (or both, of course). Still have questions? Leave a comment below or send us a DM on Instagram!

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