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Let’s Talk About Lash Serum!

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers! Today, we’re answering all of your questions about Babe Lash’s Essential Serum, so you can make the most of this fantastic product. If you are looking for application tips, we recently covered that in this blog post


“How Do I Make Lash Serum Work Faster?”

Sadly, you can’t make the Essential Serum work faster. 

The adage, “good things come to those who wait,” is cliche and overused, but when it comes to using Babe Lash, it’s 100% true. Unfortunately, people are often discouraged when they find that results aren’t instantaneous and want that quick fix.

We frequently get messages and reviews that say something like this:

“I used it for two weeks and didn’t notice any difference.”

If that’s your current situation, keep using the Serum.  

Remember, although some people see results in as little as 3-4 weeks, it can take longer, which is why we recommend evaluating your results after consistently using the Essential Serum for 12 weeks.

However, we do have one hack for you here. To see lash results a bit sooner, we recommend pairing it with the Enhancing Conditioner


“Can I Use My Lash Serum Twice a Day”

Whatever you do, please don’t use the Serum multiple times a day. 

Some beauty products encourage frequent product application. Unlike those other beauty products, sadly, applying the Essential Serum more frequently won’t make it work faster.

Here’s what can happen if you use the Essential Serum multiple times a day: you might irritate your eyes, which would be a real bummer, and more importantly, you will waste half of the product! So instead, use the Essential Serum once at night to make it last longer and have better results.

If you REALLY want some other Babe Lash products to apply, we recommend the Enhancing Conditioner, since it is the perfect pairing to the Serum. It is the AM routine to your PM routine. 


“Lash Serum Made My Eyes Puffy/Red, So I Stopped Using it”

Typically, irritation from using Babe Lash Serum only occurs when too much product has been used and subsequently gotten into the eye. As we all know, getting anything into your eye will cause discomfort (whether it is Serum, shampoo, an eyelash, or even a speck of dust). Keeping the Serum out of your eye will prevent that short-term irritation.

Again: less is more.

Wipe off excess product from the wand before applying, and take extra care to avoid getting Serum into the eye. One dip is enough for both eyes. You could also try spacing out your applications, so you only put it on every other night

[Developer Note: Link the sections in red to the Application Tips blog.]

For a full list of ingredients and warnings, click here


“I Used Lash Serum Religiously and Saw No Change.”

This is a tough one. When we get comments like this, we likely will ask you where you purchased the product from.

Online third-party sellers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others often sell counterfeit, tampered with, or expired products for a lower price. It happens with all kinds of products but is especially rampant in the beauty industry.

For that reason, we recommend purchasing directly from Babe Lash or one of our authorized retailers, like Cosmoprof to make sure it is the REAL product. We’re hoping to have another retail partner in 2022 *wink wink* - let us know in the comments who you think it might be! 

If you ever have a question about the product listing you are looking at, or a question about a Babe Lash product in general, feel free to message our team. 

A nice perk of buying directly from the Babe Lash website is that we have free shipping, options for auto-shipments, and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee!

Trust the Process

When you buy authentic Babe Lash Essential Serum, apply the product correctly, put it on consistently, and give it time, you’re going to see results. And if you don’t love it (but we are almost 100% positive you’ll love it), we’ve got a 90-day satisfaction guarantee!



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  • • Tanessa M Sestito

    Ulta, Sephora, or Target!?🤞🏼

  • • Joan Wirth

    Hi Babe Lash,
    Just wanted to let you know I have used the serum in the past and had amazing results. People would ask me all the time if my lashes were real! I stopped using for a while and recently started again. I’ve been using for several weeks and have not seen results. They have gotten slightly longer but actually sparser, definitely not thicker. You can probably look up my order as I did order directly from Babe Lash. I have loved it in the past and recommend to many friends but am not feeling like it is worth the price at this point.

  • • Lucy Huerta

    I purchased like 2 months ago. I have been applying as recommended plus the enhanced conditioner. I did it from the babe lashes website. However, there is a minimum change in my left lashes only. The right one almost nothing. I am very sad and disappointed.😔

  • • Nancy from GA

    I’ve used La’tisse/La’ttice in the past. You need a prescription and it is more expensive that Babe-Lash. Babe lash worked for me in approximately 4 – 5 weeks.. The price is right and the results are great. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants better lashes.

  • • Melchor hines

    Love your products have brow mascara serum and ordered new brow serum my problem is my mascara wand was bent and very dry I am sure I got a dud could I have a replacement please is the wand suppose to be bent and the mascara so dry I loved what little I could use but the more I thought about it I decided to contact you your products work wow as good if not better than latisse which I have melchor hines

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