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We’ve all been in that position where you’re standing in the middle of the makeup aisle, and as you look up and down the rows, you see countless options of mascara. There are so many choices, and all of them seem to be promising the same results - longer, more voluminous, and eye-catching lashes. But as we all know, not all tubes of mascara are alike. And if you ask a friend or sales associate which mascara to get, they may have a different mascara wand preference or need than you. We’re all tired of dealing with this kind of ritual struggle when buying mascara, so today, we’ve decided to share some industry knowledge so you have everything you need to know about mascara wands.

Understanding Eyelash Differences
It’s not just for merchandising intrigue that each brand and variety of mascara has a differently shaped wand. Sure, the manufacturers often assign the mascara wand a cute color or exciting packaging to spice up their merchandising efforts, but there’s a practical purpose involved, too; and it starts with understanding the differences between eyelash types.

It may come as a surprise to you, but no two sets of eyelashes are the same. Think of it the way you’d consider the hair on your head. If you have dry, curly hair, your hair care needs will be different from your friend who has straight, oily hair. The same is true of eyelashes.

We all have a natural texture and length to our lashes that are unique to each individual. Then, when you add environmental damages, like eyelash extensions, medical treatment, poor care when removing makeup, eyelash curlers, etc., the varieties of lashes change even more.

So, what do eyelash types have to do with a mascara wand? Some mascara wands are tailored to cultivate particular looks and are geared towards specific eyelash types.

Eyelash Types
Since we all have different eyelash types, let’s delve into each of those and what kinds of mascara wands work best for your individual needs.

Curly, Dense Lashes
If you have dense, curly eyelashes, you want a large mascara brush. These large bristles on the mascara wand will help apply a larger quantity of mascara to your thicker lash-line. From there, you have a bit of flexibility on the shape of the large mascara brush. Go for something cone-shaped,
jumbo-sized, or curved for optimal application.

Short, Fine Lashes
Short, fine lashes can seem tricky to work with, but that’s because so many mascara wands are targeted toward curly, dense lashes. By using a skinny, more fine-toothed mascara brush, you can get closer to your lash line and use precise strokes for even coverage. There are many varieties of
thin wands, including curved applicators, which add a bit of curl for a cat-eye effect. Using a skinny brush is great, too, because it’s buildable. You can easily use it for a daytime look or add an extra coat for a more glamorous nighttime look.

Super Dense Lashes
Particularly dense lashes have similar struggles as those with curly and thick eyelashes. Use a larger, plastic mascara brush, so you can evenly cover all of those close-knit lashes. A cone-shaped or curved brush will give you more control over your application.

Sparse Lashes
Sparse lashes need extra volume at the base to make the lash-line look and feel fuller. For this reason, an hourglass-shaped wand is ideal. It builds that much-needed volume at the lid while making the tips of the lashes extra fluttery, giving you a false lash effect. If you want the appearance of a little extra volume or length, you can apply an extra coat of mascara.

Eyelash Looks for All Lash Types
Maybe you’re not worried about tackling specific eyelash-type concerns. No big deal—we’ve got you covered! If you’re looking for a particular kind of eyelash look or experience, here are the mascara wands that can help you achieve those.

No matter your eyelash type, if you’re looking for the most precise application, you will want a skinny, fine-toothed, plastic mascara wand, which allows for a high level of precision, coating each lash to perfection.

The volumizing brushes are cone-shaped, jumbo-sized, or hourglass-shaped. Because these bristles hold so much product, they add a ton of volume to the lashes’ base, making the lash line look super thick and voluptuous. If you’re looking to add some volume to your lashes, we recommend checking out our new Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara.

If you are looking for length, reach for a plastic mascara wand, particularly with a curved surface. This mascara wand type allows for precise coverage of the product from root to tip. The applicator’s curve aids in curling and lifting, giving an overall lengthened effect. Babe Lash has a lengthening mascara that gives a beautiful, natural look. Try the Enriching Mascara for a natural, lengthening effect.

Mascara Wand + Formulation = Success
At the end of the day, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to mascara wands (although it certainly would be easier if there were). Sure, some mascara wands create specific effects, but it’s more than just that. You could have the perfect mascara wand for your eyelash type and still not get the result you want if the formulation isn’t suitable for your needs.

It’s not just the brush, and it’s not just the formulation; it’s the marriage between these two fundamentals that can make or break a mascara. Makeup brands know this, too, so they try to keep these elements in balance for the desired look.

It may take a bit of trial and error to find a mascara wand and formulation that creates your personal, idyllic eyelash look, and that’s okay. That’s part of the experience of wearing makeup, and what works for you right now may not be your perfect product five years from now.

A Final Thought
Although some mascara wand types are best suited for specific eyelash types, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to using those kinds forever. After all, wearing makeup is a form of self-expression. Anyone who says you can only use a particular type of makeup, based on your age, skin tone, gender, eyelash type, etc., isn’t worth your time. You should do what’s right for you and do what makes you happy. You’re already beautiful and perfect as you are- makeup is just an accessory!


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