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Trends, much like history, find a way to repeat themselves and what better way to be ready for what’s to come next than to take a look back at the foundations of what we know now?!  From glitter and thinly plucked eyebrows to smokey eyes and overlined lips, trends have come and gone, and will likely come back again! Corset tops, meant to be worn as undergarments in sixteenth-century Europe, are even back in style with a new twist. Looking back at the origins of style and the cosmetic industry helps us forecast what is coming next and reminds us that while the trends and industry may be ever changing, decades of fashion and beauty looks exist for us to learn from and expand upon. Let’s take a dive into these pivotal moments to figure out how to put our own spin on history!

We may not think about it, but there’s a relationship between style and society and their impact on one another that began long before our time. Historically, freedom of expression through clothing has not always existed and while we enjoy liberties with fashion today, they were earned by people from the past, especially women. Women were placed into a box assigning their skills and roles, and their clothing options were made to fit these roles. In the 50’s, being primarily a wife, homemaker, and mother, women were meant to look put together at all times, but not too provocative to draw the attention of men. This delicate balance created a world where women chose outfits based on the opinions of society. Even long, ankle-length dresses were worn up until tennis athletes began normalizing skirts of a shorter length. Pushing the boundaries slowly through necessity, women worked for more of a say in what they could wear while still being accepted. Do the thoughts of others matter? Within the early 20th century, acceptance held power and it was difficult to break out of these molds. As Y2K styles make a comeback and tennis skirts are a wardrobe staple, it’s easy to forget there was a time where these were limit pushing pieces.

Tennis skirts aren’t the only retro style coming back! In the past few years the re-emergence of scrunchies, and dare we say- even low rise jeans- have brought previous styles into current day trends. Blazers have been modified to be worn with streetwear and current celebrities like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and others continually impact the fashion and beauty industries alike. Social media apps like Tik Tok and Instagram bring new trends to light daily. With these platforms, one thing is for certain; individuality is celebrated. This was not always the case, especially in regards to self expression through makeup. 3000 BC was the first ever recorded use of cosmetics by the Egyptians, and even this was only used by the upper 

class to differentiate themselves from the lower class. Globally, the popularity of makeup ebbed and flowed as societies shifted their opinions on it. Blush, which was once accepted in England, was later deemed unladylike. Women during the European renaissance in the 17th century went as far as using leeches to remove blood from their bodies, making them appear more pale. This shifted as plagues and illness redefined pale skin to be an attribute of an unhealthy individual. With all these changes, it’s a shock that anyone was able to keep up with societal expectations! Even within the past few decades the beauty community has fought to remove judgement surrounding gender norms and makeup. The Egyptians didn’t reserve makeup for just one group of people, why should we? 

The makeup and style progression since these times has slowly created room for experimentation. We even found ourselves participating in the Kylie Jenner lip challenge just 5 years ago….talk about thinking outside the box. While we now know the Babe Lash Plumping Lip Jelly creates the supple, plump lip we’re looking for, this freedom to try new tactics and products without judgement took A LOT of time to reach. The hippy movement in the late 60’s and 70’s marked a period of freedom as men and women alike dressed how they pleased, looking for peace, love, and self expression rather than “fitting in”. It took a lot of work to get to this place though. The early 1960s was the first strong feminist rise in fashion history. Women began to shorten the length of their skirts, dressing to their style rather than society’s expectations. Iconic model, Twiggy, pushed the limits publicly attending Australian’s derby day in a minidress, completely ignoring the event’s dress code (hallelujah!). This literally caused a minidress movement, paving the way for shorter hemlines and less patience when it came to being told what to wear and do. This was only 60 years ago! The movement impacted women everywhere to make their own choices with makeup as well. Moving from pencil thin eyebrows in the 90’s to the past decade’s shift into well-kept but grown out brows, with just a simple brow filler utilized for texture, individuals are free to evolve and utilize makeup as a form of self-expression. The freedom of the past was pivotal to how far we’ve come today. Full glam or natural face should be celebrated equally as long as it’s what the individual wants. These time periods and our ancestors have given us this right to make our choices free of external judgement. 

Knowing all this, it’s funny to think of what trends could be next for all of us. As things change constantly, one thing remains: natural beauty, confidence, and individuality will NEVER go out of style. As we look back on bold icons and bold styles it’s clear: being purely yourself is always on trend. If anything, it’s this ‘dare to be different’ attitude that has become a stepping stone for new trends of the future. Women who used to use rouge and lipstick within the Victorian Era were looked down upon, but here we are now, rocking it. Find your style and wear it proudly, it really is that simple. Whatever your look, here at Babe Lash our mission is to help you feel confident in your skin no matter what you connect with. Through lip, brow, and lash products, our team has cultivated only the best formulas to help you feel like you, ALWAYS. Dare to be different and never change, embrace styles as they come and fit who you are, and don’t be afraid to set your own trends along the way too. 

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