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We’re known for creating lash treatments that enhance your natural lashes, and sometimes that means skipping a mascara day. But for the days you want to draw more attention to your eyes, Babe’s Volumizing Mascara is the perfect fit.

The Volumizing Mascara is formulated to define, lift, and add serious volume to the entire length of your lashes. Ultra-smooth, it glides onto the eyelashes like creamy, dreamy frosting. With only one coat, you can get perfect, inky-black coverage. The super flexible formula makes this a buildable mascara, so you can add as many layers as you like for max effect.

We think a formula is only as good as its applicator, so we tested a bunch of mascara wands to get the perfect one for this formula. The Volumizing Mascara has a conical wand (shaped like a Christmas tree!). The fatter end of the wand is perfect for lifting and coating lashes on the outer edge of your lash line, and the tapered end is perfect for coating all of the lashes close to your inner corner. That means you’ll be able to hit every lash without knocking your lashes against your eyelids, leaving smears.

Inside the bottle is a water-resistant formulation for gorgeous clump-free and smudge-free lashes that last all day. Plus, you can find:

Hydrogenated Olive Oil Stearyl Esters

  • A complex mixture of esters produced by stearyl alcohol and hydrogenated olive oil reaction. 
  • Hydrates your lashes.


  • Panthenol is a natural ingredient in the Vitamin B5 family. 
  • Acts as a lubricant, giving a softer, smoother appearance to your lashes.

Biotin & Peptides

  • A three amino acid peptide that combines peptides with biotin. 
  • Peptides are essential building block proteins for keratin, elastin, and collagen.
  • Biotin is a well-known supplement for stronger nails and hairs. 

Vitamin C

  • A natural antioxidant known for its ability to reduce free radicals.

That’s the skinny on getting lush, dramatic lashes with the Volumizing Mascara. Want something more natural? See our deep-dive on the Babe Enriching Mascara


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  • • Khalilah Gildersleeve

    WOW! I can’t wait to try it!😀

  • • Nicole'

    Will you be making brown formulas, like formulating a black brown then perhaps just a medium brown one?… If this someday can be something that becomes a possibiIity I will definitely be buying a medium brown one for a more natural colored lash that matches my natural brown hair and the dark brown for a little added drama. Look foward if this does become a reality as I am a newbie here on my lash growing journey who waited what felt like forever for your much raved about conditioning serum I just finally purchased. I can’t wait for it ro finally arrive!… All the best sincerely,
    Nicole’ Xoxo 😘😘💋💋~💛~

  • • Wissali Holman

    Love using this mascara. It’s so easy to come off and it applies so well! My lashes look so beautiful!

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