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And Why Do They Matter?

Peptides have become a buzzword in the beauty community. But what are peptides, and why do they matter to your beauty routine?



Allow us to put on our science hat for a moment. Peptides are chains of 2-50 amino acids that are linked by peptide bonds. Now, you may be wondering why we care about a chain of amino acids, right? In short, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and they are related to a variety of bodily functions. In the case of skincare and haircare, these amino acids are related to building proteins like collagen, elastin, and keratin.

Collagen: Responsible for strengthening blood vessels and helping tissue development. 


Elastin: Elastin provides resilience and elasticity in tissue.



Keratin: Key structural material that helps make up hair and nails.

Peptides & Babe Lash

In a practical application, what does this mean for peptides in your beauty routine? Why is there such hype surrounding these proteins?

Think about it. Have you ever used a new beauty product, especially a mascara that made your eyelashes look and feel brittle and dry? Peptides help prevent that drying effect that is so common in many beauty products. Praised as a form of anti-aging ingredient, it’s easy to see why peptides are becoming increasingly popular in skincare.

In the case of Babe Lash products, peptides help nourish the skin, brows, and lashes, preventing dryness and damage from environmental stressors like mascara, makeup removal techniques, eyelash extensions, brow treatments, etc.

As a performance-based cosmetics leader, all of Babe Lash’s products utilize high-quality, nourishing ingredients that promote a more youthful and elevated appearance. Many of our products use peptides as an active ingredient that helps care for the skin, brows, and lashes, including:

  • Conditioner: Babe Lash Conditioner - one of our most popular products - uses peptides to nourish the lash line, promoting the appearance of fuller and darker lashes. This conditioner is ideal for anyone who wants their lashes to look more substantial, hydrated, and well-conditioned. 
  • Enriching Mascara: Complete with peptides to coat the eyelashes in hydrating ingredients, the Enriching Mascara is the perfect sidekick to Babe Lash’s Conditioner.
  • Volumizing Brow Filler: Nowadays, we all are looking for fluffier eyebrows. After all, brows are the frame of the face, especially the eyes. Formulated with peptides that promote care to the skin and hair, you can fill in your brows with a product that helps your eyebrows look their best long term.
  • Enriching Eyeliner: Everything you put on your eyes, especially your lash line, can impact your eyelashes. Babe Lash’s Enriching Eyeliner is perfectly formulated to give you that perfect eyeliner wing while applying beneficial peptides to this delicate part of your face.

Adding peptides to your beauty routine is an important step in helping to keep your eyelashes and eyebrows looking their best now and in the future. To learn more about Babe Lash’s performance-based cosmetics, read this article.



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  • • Jan McNair

    I lost my serum so I only used the conditioner for a while, finally after realizing my lashes really needed the serum because they were full and healthy feeling they definitely were not the length that they once were. Highly recommend both!

  • • Suzanne Mercedes Rutherford

    I purchased the night time one, not knowing there is a day time one. I must say that it is now one week and tonight I will not apply the serum because my eyelids are so red and very dry. Would the daytime one help to remedy the dryness and redness

  • • Sue works

    This stuff really works. I have tried other products with no results. Really happy with this.

  • • Sandra Duran

    Told me I only needed the serum . Now I hear its important to also use the conditioner. Is that why the progress is slowing down ? Do you have a small sample could try ?

  • • Kay

    This information was very informative. Makes you realize how important pep tides are. Thanks for info.

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