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As you may have seen, we recently launched our new Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara! This mascara was highly requested by our customers, so we were insanely excited to be able to deliver it. If you’d like to take a full deep-dive into the Volumizing Mascara, we recommend checking out this blog post!

Although we’ve had cosmetics for years, we hadn’t really talked about them here at Babe Lash much (or at least, not to the same extent that we’d talked about the Essential Serum or Enhancing Conditioner). But this year, we’re making it a goal to show off our cosmetics more often, so you can decide which performance-based cosmetics you’d like to incorporate into your routine to complete your look! So, when we launched the Volumizing Mascara at the start of May, we noticed that many of you had questions about what makes this new mascara different from Babe Lash’s Enriching Mascara. Today, we’re going to thoroughly explain those differences.

The Deets on the Babe Lash Enriching Mascara
The Babe Lash Enriching Mascara is our classic formulation. As the name would suggest, this product is meant to enrich your eyelashes with ultra-hydrating ingredients, while providing a lengthening effect. The goal of the Enriching Mascara is to subtly enhance your eyelashes for a natural look.

With a curved brush, this mascara wand lifts and lengthens, while applying an even coat of inky black mascara to your eyelashes. This is the perfect product for your everyday makeup look. Think of it as the perfect companion to a “no makeup” makeup look!

The Skinny on the Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara

As we said, we can’t stop talking about the Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara right now, and honestly, after you try it, you probably will feel the same way! The biggest difference between the Volumizing Mascara and Enriching Mascara is about the intended effect! Where the Enriching gives a natural, subtle look, the Volumizing is all about the glam!

This mascara has a cone-shaped mascara wand, which adds a bit of lift, curl, length, and volume. With a buildable formulation, you can add an extra coat of mascara to determine how glamorous you want your look to be.

Some of These Things Are a Lot Like the Other
Although these mascaras may give drastically different aesthetic results, the ingredients are relatively similar. If you have followed Babe Lash on Instagram or TikTok, or maybe if you’ve been reading our blog, you know that all of our products are performance-based, meaning that they are full of nourishing ingredients that give you an aesthetic boost while wearing the product, and continues to provide benefits even after taking it off at the end of the day. Ultimately, we think cosmetics should be just as functional as they are beautiful! You can learn more about performance-based cosmetics here.

So, what kinds of beneficial ingredients make our mascaras special?

Hydrating Olive Oil
It’s not just for cooking, my friends. Olive oil moisturizes the eyelashes and their follicles, while
also helping the mascara glide on silkily.

Ah, peptides. We love them. If you’re a Babe Lash superfan or maybe a lover of science, you
probably are well aware of the importance of peptides. For those of you who don’t know (rest
assured, there’s no shame in not knowing about them yet), peptides are building blocks of
proteins, like keratin, elastin, and collagen. You can continue learning about peptides and why they are important in Babe Lash’s cosmetics here.

Anyone who has spent time in the supplements aisle at the grocery store has probably seen biotin. This ingredient has been praised for years for its ability to support and nourish the hair and is becoming increasingly popular in hair care, skincare, and makeup products.

Panthenol is another Babe Lash favorite! This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and is super hydrating, promoting a better skin and hair surface. It pairs well with other hydrating

Water-Resistant, Not Waterproof
If you’ve ever used waterproof mascara, you know how drying and damaging it can be. Water-resistant mascara, on the other hand, prevents smudging and melting, even if you’re playing in the pool, but can be easily removed with makeup remover.

Performance in Both Mascaras
As we said, the aforementioned ingredients and features are present in both the Babe Lash
Enriching Mascara and Volumizing Mascara, so your lashes can get the VIP treatment, regardless of the eye makeup look you choose! Plus, many of these performance-based ingredients in our mascaras are the same ingredients that fuel our Essential Serum and Enhancing Conditioner; so using a Babe Lash mascara is like getting an extra dose of Serum & Conditioner on your lashes. Win-Win!

So, Does Your Mascara Love You Back?
Buying and trying new mascaras can be intimidating. We’ve all been let down by past makeup purchases, which can really make it difficult to branch out again.

Babe Lash’s mascara is full of nourishing performance-based ingredients and has a water-resistant formulation, but the same can’t be said for all other mascaras on the market, even some of the “higher quality” mascaras. We think your mascara should give you the makeup effect you want and be full of ingredients that keep your lashes looking and feeling their best long-term. You may love the look a certain mascara gives you, but if your lashes look damaged after taking it off, it probably isn’t the best option for you.

So, when you’re trying new mascaras we want you to ask the question: will this mascara love me back? We can’t answer that for other brands, but when it comes to Babe Lash, we can confidently say, it absolutely will!


If you have any feedback or questions please contact us directly at info@babelash.com


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