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What Are Performance-Based Cosmetics?

It’s no secret: Babe makes products that work. It’s our top priority every time we’re working on adding in a new item to our lineup. Everyone on our team, and probably you too, have experienced the rush of buying a new product you think is going to change your life, but learning after a couple weeks of trial and error it doesn’t really make a difference, and might even have a negative effect. No thanks. We wanted to flip that experience and made it our mission to only develop products that give you visible results you can see for all skin types and lifestyles.

So what exactly are performance-based cosmetics? Think of it this way: it’s where makeup meets skincare. Performance-based cosmetics are rooted in the idea that anything touching your skin should not only make you look and feel better immediately, but help enhance your features over time. This is all thanks to the incorporation of powerful active ingredients that are scientifically-backed to give you results. Basically, we do the research so you don’t have to. 

Your bathroom and vanity are probably filled with performance-based cosmetics and you don’t even know it. The hydrating face wash in your shower immediately cleanses your skin, but it also has nourishing ingredients (some of our favs are panthenol, ceramides and hyaluronic acid) to restore your moisture barrier and prep your skin for skincare. Anything and everything that has a two-fold effect is a PBC, and every Babe product comes with that promise, too.

Our philosophy is if a product says it makes your lashes look longer, it should actually make them look longer. We deliver on our promises because no one deserves a second-rate product, and everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin.

Performance-Babe’d Cosmetics

So now that you’re a pro on all things PBC, check out some of our star-ingredient players that give you the results you’ll see in our fav picks from the Babe line.

Brightening Under Eye Gel Patches

Uber refreshing under-eye gels formulated for hydrated, smooth, even-toned skin.

  • Niacinamide
    • Diminishes dullness and restores the skin’s veneer to prevent moisture loss and dehydration.


Babe mascaras have water-resistant formulas made to achieve your perf lash look, whether it’s Enriching Mascara for a natural lifted lash or Volumizing Mascara for a dramatic va-va-voom. But did you know both come with a special secret ingredient to help your lashes over time? 

  • Peptides
    • Peptides act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin. 
    • Supports strength, texture, and resilience, giving you lasting results and conditioning your lash line over time.

Volumizing Brow Filler

Instantly fluffy brows in seconds, lusher brows over time. 

  • Peptides
    • Adds strength, texture, and resilience.
  • Biotin
    • Every hairstylist’s secret weapon. ✂️
    • Nourishes hair follicles, promoting healthier-looking strands.

Plumping Lip Jelly

Our lip jelly has a never-sticky finish that applies more like a balm than a gloss, giving you soft, plumper lips in 3 universally flattering shades.

  • Sodium Hyaluronate + Glucomannan
    • These two ingredients literally form filling spheres that can penetrate the upper layers of the skin/ lips to absorb water that would otherwise evaporate. Once the volume of the spheres increases, they create a smooth, elastic surface with long lasting hydration.
  •  Vanillyl Butyl Ether (VBE)
    • Provides definition and fullness to the lips, and that yummy tingly feeling we all love.

Enhancing Conditioner

Helps with the appearance of fuller, darker lashes.

  • Peptides
    • This powerhouse ingredient is in many of Babe Lash’s products and supports strength, texture, and resilience.
    • Condition and nurture the lash line for added nourishment over time.
These are just highlighting a few of our best-sellers, but no matter which Babe product you choose, you’re going to get a result that you’ll love showing off. Find your new favorite product here.


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