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Your eyebrows are such a cool part of your face, and they don’t get enough credit, which is why today, we are celebrating our eyebrows - the good, the bad, and the ugly (because let’s face it, we’ve had all three kinds of eyebrows in our lives). 

What is the Function of Eyebrows?

So, why do we need eyebrows, anyway? Well, aside from the fact that we all look a little different without eyebrows (more on that later), our eyebrows also serve some very important functions, namely:

  • Eyebrows Protect Our Eyes
  • Eyebrows Help Us Communicate

Eyebrows Protect Our Eyes

Eyebrows are, first and foremost, intended to protect your eyes. Whether it’s from inclement weather or sweating after a workout, moisture can travel down your face and into your eyes. Luckily, our distant ancestors gave us an evolutionary advantage that protects our eyes from moisture - eyebrows. Thank goodness for full brows (and eyelashes) that look good AND protect our delicate eyes.


Even Beyonce’s brows once were thin. Now, we live for her bold, natural brows.

Eyebrows Help Us Communicate

* Your eyebrows have now entered the chat *

Our eyebrows allow us to convey a wide variety of emotions. 

Although it may be a subject of some debate, most researchers say that at least 70 percent of communication is nonverbal, meaning that a lot of how we interact and understand each other has to do with our posture and facial expressions. 

Now, consider for a moment, those who regularly communicate nonverbally, like those with hearing or speaking impairments. Communicating through facial expressions and sign language is an essential part of life for those people and their loved ones. 

Similarly, you likely have noticed that sign language interpreters often are very animated. What you may not realize is that those expressions and nonverbal cues aid in conveying the tone of the translation. And, if you guessed that the eyebrows are a part of that communication, you would be correct!

Eyebrows Completely Change Your Face

Function aside, eyebrows take up a prime piece of real estate on the face. And as a result, the shape of your brows can make a distinct difference to your face’s overall appearance. 

Look at many of the celebrities from the early 2000s and compare those photos to their look today. In many cases, merely changing their brow shape created an entirely different look.  

Gwen Stefani’s style took a major overhaul from when she was with No Doubt compared to her look today.

And since the internet is a magical place, there’s no limit to the amount of unique photoshopped images of celebrities without eyebrows or with eyebrows edited to look like “90s brows”. Take a look at some of these iconic celebs.


Without her eyebrows, Zendaya looks like a completely different person. Obviously, even without brows, she still is gorgeous though!


This one speaks for itself. Keep eyebrows on Harry Styles.

Want the Brows of Your Dreams?

So, what do you do if your eyebrows are lacking that particular something? How do you give your own eyebrows a little boost so they look (and function) their best? We’ve got the solution - Babe Brow Serum! It’s an easy once-a-day treatment that helps your natural brows appear more full and voluminous. Learn more about it here.

The Rock
We couldn’t leave out Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson here. Without eyebrows, his signature brow just doesn’t quite look right.

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