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A Challenging Cycle

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

You go to the store and buy a new product- and for the sake of the story, we’ll say it was a new mascara. You get home, eager to apply it to your lashes, and you’re just certain you’re going to look stunning - after all, the models in their advertising had gorgeous lashes, so it should do the same for you, right? And with a swipe of the mascara wand, you see that this product doesn’t work as advertised. Dejected, you either toss the new tube of mascara in the trash or keep using it, but you’re never satisfied with how you look. And then, inevitably, you find yourself at the store again next month, desperately searching for the next “holy grail” of products. It’s a brutal cycle, and we’ve all been there. But it’s time to break that cycle. And that’s where performance-based cosmetics come in.

What Are Performance-Based Cosmetics?

Performance-based cosmetics are rooted in the idea that a product should perform a function while also creating a beautiful aesthetic. Think of skincare products, for example. If it promises softer, more supple skin, it should do that. If it purges pores or smooths cellulite, it should also perform those functions. Cosmetics that are performance-based are full of powerful active ingredients that provide solutions for the customers’ needs. And the thing is, you likely have used performance-based cosmetics before, but you just didn’t realize it.

Think about the products you reach for at the store. If you have dry skin, you likely grab something with hyaluronic acid. Or, if you are following the “curly girl method,” you’re opting for hair products that are free from silicones, parabens, and sulfates. For those looking to add elasticity to the skin, you’re grabbing collagen-based products. 

If you are looking to add elasticity to your skin, you want collagen. Maybe you’ve added biotin to your hair game. Do you see what we mean? Performance-based products are all around us. You just didn’t have a name to assign to it.

So, here’s the thing- if a product says it makes your lashes look longer, it should actually make them look longer, and at Babe Lash®, we believe in making products that do precisely that. We deliver on our promises because we believe that no one deserves a second-rate product and everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their skin.

Choosing Performance Over Cost

If you’ve been looking at cosmetics with high-quality ingredients, you likely have seen that many of those products come at a higher cost. It’s easy to get a bit of sticker-shock when you first start looking into performance-based cosmetics, but once you start seeing the results, it’s easier to invest in its cost. And this isn’t to say that all performance-based products cost an arm and a leg. This also doesn’t mean that every expensive product on the market is performance-based. But here are some things to consider.

Trial and Error Can Be Expensive

Do you remember the situation I laid out above? When you choose a product that doesn’t perform the way you’d like, you end up spending extra time and money trying to find one that works for you. And if you go to a store with a bad return policy, you may not get reimbursed if you have a poor experience.
How much money have you spent trying mascaras, lip glosses, brow fillers, falsies, etc.? How much time have you spent meticulously gluing or magnetizing lashes to your lash line? How many at-home solutions have you experimented with, only to be disappointed?

Think about all of those at-home hair dye fail videos that are all over the internet. More than half of the time, they need to seek a professional to solve the problem that the DIY option created. Sometimes, professional-grade and performance-grade products are the solutions.

Babe Lash’s Cosmetics

Okay, we talked about performance-based cosmetics in the broadest sense, but what does that look like at Babe Lash? Since we’re big on transparency around here, allow us to fill you in!



Brightening Under Eye Gel Patches

First off, did you know that we have Brightening Under Eye Gel Patches? These under-eye gels are formulated for one of the most delicate parts of the face, your under-eye. So, what’s the power player in this product?

This ingredient diminishes dullness and restores the skin’s veneer to prevent moisture loss and dehydration.




Enriching Mascara

Naturally, we love some beautiful lashes at Babe Lash. Our Enriching Mascara gives a silky-smooth coat to your lashes and is made with:

Peptides act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin. This ingredient is responsible for strength, texture, and resilience.



Volumizing Brow Filler

With today’s beauty icons sporting full eyebrows, we all are looking for ways to give our brows a fuller and more shapely look, which is why Babe Lash’s Volumizing Brow Filler is a fantastic product with:

Adds strength, texture, and resilience.

Often praised by hairstylists, biotin nourishes and supports hair follicles, promoting healthier hair strands.



Plumping Lip Jelly

Who doesn’t want the perfect pout? If you’re looking to add volume and fullness to your lips 

without injections, cosmetic lip plumpers are a great option to add to your beauty routine. Babe Lash’s Plumping Lip Jelly was formulated to add a soft fullness for a beautifully kissable pout.

The ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate
Derived from hyaluronic acid, this ingredient moisturizes and adds subtle fullness to the skin.

Vanillyl Butyl Ether (VBE)
Provides definition and fullness to the lips



Enhancing Conditioner

Babe Lash’s Enhancing Conditioner is frequently praised for its exceptional formulation, providing the appearance of fuller, darker lashes. Its key ingredient:

This powerhouse ingredient is in many of Babe Lash’s products and adds strength, texture, and resilience.

All of our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients that give these cosmetics a boost of performance. These were only a few of our best sellers, but rest assured that no matter which Babe Lash product you choose, you’re going to get a beautiful result that you’ll love showing off.



If you have any feedback or questions please contact us directly at info@babelash.com


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