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It’s Time to Add Some Personality to Your Self-Care

Let’s get a bit philosophical, shall we? Each person on the planet has unique genetics, personalities, and experiences, making us all the individuals that we are. It’s true for every person on Earth- even for twins. 

Think about it- despite sharing precise DNA, identical twins are unique, as each twin has a different personality and life experiences. This individuality that we all experience in life is one of the things that makes humans so amazing. Although we share many traits, we all are our own unique people.

So, since no two people have had the same experiences or feel the same needs, we think it should be argued that no two people should have exactly the same self-care rituals. 

Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s great to pull inspiration from people you admire when creating your own self-care routine, but ultimately, it’s important to cater your routine to you and you alone. Consider this our official petition to add some personality and individuality to each of our self-care routines.

Why Personalized Care?

It doesn’t take a lot of searching to find countless Google results for various influencers’ self-care routines. And when it comes to social media, the same is true, but with added photos for the sake of the aesthetic. And in these articles and posts, you’ll see the same kinds of self-care routines over and over again. There really is minimal variation. And with this kind of repetition, it’s hard to not assume that all of these icons have found the perfect routine. But here’s the thing- there is no such thing as a perfect, universally accepted routine. Why? Because as individuals, we all have different needs, processes, and wants. 

So, why should you be expected to precisely follow the 12-step process of a stranger on the internet? We think you should create routines that are catered to your wants and needs. After all, it’s called self-care, not group care.

Taking Self-Care Inspo Into Our Own Hands

In demonstrating the individuality of each person’s routine, we decided to talk with the Babe Lash team to see how our needs vary from person to person. You don’t have to follow any of our routines specifically, but if an aspect of the routine inspires you, feel free to try it!



Kaitlyn Fillmore - Social Media Coordinator

Kaitlyn is Babe Lash’s social media coordinator. She organizes all of the awesome content you see on our Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn! Working in the world of social media, the office that never sleeps, I know how draining it can be when we don’t stop to take mental health breaks. Although I’m not a self-care guru by any means, I have simple activities that help me destress and feel refreshed. 

The first is moving my body in some way; whether it’s getting to the gym, taking a stretch break, or even going for a 15-minute walk. The second is getting outside. Being outdoors and disconnecting from technology is healing, because my thoughts are my own, instead of the millions of differing opinions I am constantly reading online. I enjoy taking time to reflect on where I am in life - if I’m satisfied with the direction I’m going, and if not - how I can reevaluate. 

My nightly self-care routine is simple, yet effective. I always prioritize washing my face, brushing my teeth, and applying my Babe Lash Essential Serum before I go to bed. I wish I could say that I took bubble baths, used face masks, and wrote in my journal each night! But I think that isn’t always realistic, and a self-care routine is really just about taking the time to check in with yourself frequently (like a good friend would) to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself. So whatever that looks like for you, I would make the effort to do it - because you deserve it!


Kimber Higginbotham - TikTok Content Creator

Kimber is Babe Lash’s TikTok creation intern. You’ve likely seen her in our Instagram Reels and TikTok content. 

Self-care is really important to me because it helps me wind down and focus on myself instead of worrying about anything else. Practicing this every night before bed has helped me sleep better - and a plus is that my “mask-ne” (acne from wearing a mask), is going away finally!

Some advice that I would share and what I just recently learned from working at Babe Lash is that skincare is actually extremely important and that it’s not about buying the 10-12 of the most expensive products, but choosing 2-3 products that work for your skin and sticking to that. 

My usual self-care night routine is: showering (I HATE baths with all my heart), putting on the Babe Lash Brightening Under-Eye Gel Patches, and watching Gilmore Girls in bed! (The best show ever, if you haven’t watched yet, BTW - let me know if you’re on team Jess or team Dean).

Lauren Chamberlain - Quality Assurance

Lauren is our quality assurance specialist. She helps make sure every product that leaves our facility is of the highest quality and that processes are being recorded and consistently improved.

There's something about being inside a car when it's raining that makes me feel really safe and warm. I love how the rain is loud enough to silence all the other sounds, but it still feels quiet, somehow. That's what I'm going for when I get into my self-care: safe, warm, intentional, quiet. 

When I have the chance and the rain is coming down, I'll ask a close friend to chauffer me just so I can feel that. In the absence of rain, I practice self-care by taking very long baths and making enormous batches of whole wheat waffles. Oh, and if I want to feel real cute while I'm self-caring, which happens sometimes, I'll make sure I moisturize my face real nice and even put on some Babe Lash Brow Filler.



Eternity Beal - Diversion

Eternity handles product diversion, which means she handles the removal of counterfeit Babe Lash products from the internet. She also makes sure there aren’t unauthorized retailers selling Babe Lash (or counterfeited Babe Lash) in-store or online.

Self-care means acknowledging my feelings and needs in order for me to be the best mother to my son. If I am not happy, how can he be happy?

My self-care hobbies are based on the emotions I’m feeling that day. If I’m stressed, I want to stay in and enjoy a good movie or take my dog to the park and feel some sunshine. If I’m feeling content and confident, I’ll meet up with a friend or call some friends to catch up or make some art. When I’m feeling like a busy bee who hasn’t found any time for herself, I love some good face and body exfoliation, a clay mask, refreshing moisturizer, doing my hair, and wearing little-to-no makeup. I personally feel like I’m truly embracing myself this way.

Self-care should be practiced daily and found in the little things we often forget about doing. When focusing on your own self-care, first understand your likes, emotions, and needs. No one’s self-care routine is the same and it only has to make sense to you!

Being a busy toddler mom means I have little time to do my makeup. I always go for the Volumizing Brow Filler, Enhancing Conditioner, and Plumping Lip Jelly to look refreshed and ready for my day.



Chloe Woodhouse - Senior Graphic Designer

Chloe is our in-house graphic designer, who creates the beautiful designs you see on our website, emails, blogs, and social media posts. 

When I’m looking for a pick-me-up in the morning after a difficult previous day, this is my go-to routine: I’ll wake up and immediately get my blinds open, do a quick stretch and then drink a glass of water. I then listen to a guided meditation from Headspace. Lately, I’ve been really into the Prioritization course on the app. 

Then, I moisturize my face and put the Babe Lash Conditioner on my lashes. Next, I put the Babe Lash Under Eye Gel Patches on and use a chilled jade roller on top of them (it’s amazing, trust me). 

Then, I like to write in the Five Minute Journal, where I practice setting my intentions and listing things I’m grateful for. This helps me feel more positive for the day. I then eat a light breakfast, and I’m ready for work. 

Routines like this have been very grounding for me, especially during the craziness of 2020. It gives me a sense of control and lets me show myself I actually care about myself. You’re with yourself 24/7, so showing yourself love and care is really important. 


Madison Francis - Senior Copywriter

Hello, there! It’s Madison, the person who writes all of these blogs. I’m the copywriter at Babe Lash, which means I write the blogs, emails, and product descriptions you see on Babe Lash’s content. I wasn’t going to add a self-care note from myself, but since mental health and self-care are so important to me, I thought I’d insert my own advice. Feel free to do with it, what you may. 

Allow me to get a bit vulnerable with you all: I struggle with anxiety and depression, and it has taken me a long time to come to terms with that. I didn’t have a particularly traumatic childhood or anything like that- my brain’s chemistry was just a little off. For years, I tried to manage my mental health by myself, but finally, I decided to seek professional help. It was scary, but it was also liberating. Seeking help hasn’t made my inner demons go away - I still have good days and bad days, but I’m seeing improvement in my overall wellbeing, and that’s a hopeful thing for me. 

Being the anxious person that I am, my self-care needs fluctuate a lot. There are days where it’s hard to get out of bed and face the world. And on those days, self-care can be drinking a glass of water, taking my medication, putting on my Enhancing Conditioner, and snuggling my pups - and that’s okay. On days where I’m feeling better, I try to make a point of doing things that my future self will thank me for - so, I eat something that makes me happy, I clean, I take my dogs to the park, and I read (major bookworm over here - hit me up if you ever want a book recommendation). And sometimes, my self-care is going all-out with my makeup and hair as a way to boost my confidence; and on those days, I put on the Volumizing Mascara, Enriching Eyeliner, and Brow Filler. I find that it’s a fun way to treat myself.

I don’t have a clearly defined self-care routine yet, but I’m okay with that. I’m working on it, and I know my routines will evolve with time because I’m evolving as a person. I think the most important thing in any self-care routine is to listen to your body and your emotions. Do things that make you happy. After all, you deserve it - even if you don’t feel like it or don’t believe it yet. 

Add Some Flavor to Your Routine

As you can see from the notes from the Babe Lash team, we all have different needs and expectations of ourselves. Even though we all work together and are friends, none of us are following exactly the same journey. 

We hope this inspires you to think about self-care as a personal journey. Experiment with your different routines and find ways to have fun while cultivating your self-care routine. It won’t happen overnight, and your routine may change many times over the course of your life, but that’s okay. You’re human. You’re allowed to adapt, grow, and be your unique self. It’s a beautiful thing!

Do you know someone who is working on creating a self-care routine? Send this article to them to give them some ideas!


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