Product Authenticity

Your lashes deserve the best! 

At Babe Lash, we want to ensure our customers are purchasing the right products on the market. Recently, counterfeit Babe Lash products have been found on unauthorized online retailers. The most common places these products are sold include, but are not limited to, eBay , Groupon , Amazon , and Walmart . When you make a purchase from these retailers, Babe Lash cannot confirm that the ingredients, handling and manufacturing follow our quality standards. 

*Please review this table for one or more of the following characteristics to determine authenticity:

Authentic vs. Counterfeit Products 

Babe Lash 

  • Includes lot number marked by a high-quality laser printer
  • Gold on the packaging has a semi-matte finish
  • Packaging has a smooth feel
  • Gold accents on packaging have a yellow undertone

  • Includes lot numbers LFMGQ, LFMOO, MW04U that are are poorly printed or does not include a lot number
  • Gold on the packaging has an ultra-glossy finish
  • Packaging has a grainy feel
  • Gold accents on packaging have a green undertone

How does Babe Lash protect you?

We are working with the necessary authorities to remove infringing listings and evolving our product tracking processes and technology. To ensure you are buying authentic, safe and high-quality products, you can make all your Babe Lash purchases right here on our site or with our Authorized Online Sellers. 

Babe Lash Authorized Online Sellers:

If you are not pleased with your results, both Babe Lash and our Authorized Online Sellers offer a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Click here for more information.

Questions? Please contact our customer service team by calling 888-831-9050 or via email at .

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