Hi! I’m Lorae, otherwise known as @lorae.the.pa. While I love to give insight into my life in medicine, I also have a passion for Babe Lash because it makes my beauty routine so easy. I've been using their products for almost 3 years now and can't recommend them enough. I love the quality of their products and undeniable results. Equally as important, I stand behind their honest, cruelty-free company that is out to embrace the individual beauty and confidence in everyone.

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MY TOP Picks

Essential Serum

So, funny story - my mom actually got me into the essential serum years ago. She has naturally short and straight lashes, and when I came to visit her one day, the first thing I noticed was her fluttery eyelashes! I've had this serum in my regimen ever since. The price point combined with the results make this the best lash growth serum on the market. You'll be looking like a Babe in just a few weeks or months!

$65.00 usually...but $52.00 with LORAE20


Enhancing Conditioner

The conditioner came into my life last year, and it wasn't a moment too soon. Since using this product, my lashes look thicker and healthier - ultimately allowing them to grow even longer. Think about conditioning your hair in the shower: you'll get shine, strength, and eventually more volume. It's the best way to up your lash game on top of the essential serum. You'll be well on your way to that falsies look!

$45.00 usually...but $36.00 with LORAE20


Volumizing Brow Filler

I have extremely sparse brows to the point where I get them microbladed annually. They fade quite a bit between touch-ups, but this creme is the perfect quick fill-in. The price is unbeatable for how much product you get, and it's so easy to use with a small angled brush. My brows are done in less than 20 seconds every morning!  Color: Taupe

$25.00 usually...but $20.00 with LORAE20