You've got the makeup—and now to become an expert! Follow these tips and tricks to get the best performance from your Babe Lash products.

Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner

•  Each product goes beyond merely decorating the eyes by containing enriching, lash-loving ingredients—even the eyeliner—so use them together!

•  Use your Babe Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner when wearing false lashes to hide the edge of the falsies.

•  Create dots or dashes to guide you when drawing dramatic shapes, such as the Cat Eye or Cleopatra. This will also help both eyes to look the same.

Babe Lash Serum

•  Apply at night on clean skin.

•  Do not double-dip the Babe Lash Serum. There’s enough product on the wand for both eyes.

•  After desired results are evident, prevent the inner eyelashes from growing uncomfortably long by only applying Babe Lash Serum to the middle and outer corner of the eyelid.

•  Do not apply Babe Lash Serum to the lower lash line. When you blink after applying the serum to your upper lash line, the product will be distributed to your lower lashes.

•  Be sure that Babe Lash Serum has completely dried before applying additional cosmetic creams or products on eye area.

Volumizing Mascara

•  When applied mascara is nearly dry, take wand and gently tap the very tips of your upper lashes. This will bolden the application and make lashes seem even longer.

•  Apply mascara more thickly towards the base, with lighter strokes towards the tips. Otherwise, the tips will be too heavy and may weigh down the lashes, causing them to straighten.

•  If you accidentally get mascara on your freshly shadowed eyelid, resist the urge to wipe it off right away. Wait until it is dry before removing it with a pointed q-tip. Otherwise it will smudge.

Fiber Extend Mascara

•  When applying, only touch the fiber wand to the top half of your upper lashes, otherwise the fibers and mascara might clump lashes at the roots.

•  During the final coat be sure to pat and press the wand on the lashes rather than sweeping them through. White fibers on the lashes are there to show you what still needs to be covered.

•  Be sure to curl lashes before applying Fiber Length Mascara.

•  Invest in a good mascara comb for evenly-spaced lashes. Glide comb through lashes from root to tip while mascara is still wet.