Volumizing Brow Filler


Babe Lash® Volumizing Brow Filler     

  • Available in Dark Brown & Taupe
  • Keeps brows in place while adding immense volume
  • Enhancing peptide ingredients promotes fuller, thicker brows
  • Long-lasting, smudge-proof formula

      This tinted Volumizing Brow Filler is infused with fibers, biotin, and a complex peptide blend to provide fuller, textured eyebrows.

      • The Volumizing Brow Filler locks onto brow hairs to give them a fuller, three-dimensional appearance.
      • Nourishing biotin offers a strengthening and nourishing effect to protect your brows from external stressors.
      • Powerful peptide blend enhances the appearance of natural brows hairs

      Suggested use:

      Brush the applicator through brows using short strokes. For a natural look, start at the inner edge of your brow, working your way towards the tail end. Apply layers as needed.

      For an even fuller look, brush product against the natural direction of brow growth, then follow with a second coat to brush brow hairs back into place.

      Warning: For external use only


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      *For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Do not share applicator. Secure lid tightly after each use. Do not dilute with any additive. Discontinue use if your eye becomes irritated, injured, or infected. Consult with an eye doctor in case of an eye injury.

      Made in the U.S.A.

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